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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the beginning

Okay, so here is the beginning. This is a journal mainly for me to keep a record of where I have been and how I am trying to be accountable. If you do happen to come across this, then welcome.

The story so far is that my latest challenge is to get fit and lose weight, both by introducing a new exercise regime and by improving what I eat. I work in a professional capacity in an office environment. Long hours limited the amount of time I had for exercise, and put paid to the eclectic but effective exercise habits I had during university.

So now I am back, with the aim of being healthier, slimmer and engaging in some much needed stress relief by doing some exercise semi-regularly. The stats are

Starting weight - 107.5kg

Current weight - 106kg

Goal weight - 70ish kg

Starting dress size - 18-20

I aim to weigh in every Monday with the results in my weekly weigh in category. I am not really motivated exclusively by weight, so I will try and include some other indicators of how I am doing. Hopefully over time I will see some changes.

I have joined a local gym and had my first fitness assessment (results - unfit) and program preparation last night. My first program comprises about half an hour of cardio and about 4 or 5 different machine exercises. I am due for another assessment in 6-8 weeks. As a part of the assessment as well as a weight reading, I also get measurements of legs, arms, waist, hips etc. I will only be checking these when I do fitness assessments, so this is a less frequent check of my progress in these regards.

This week I am keeping a food diary for my trainer. My primary goal this week is trying to make sure that I eat breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper every day, whilst trying to concentrate on eating decent food.


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