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Saturday, April 29, 2006

running scared

Now on week 2 of the couch to 5k plan and had a great run today. I got to the end and I was still feeling really good so I almost kept going for another couple of reps. But I know that I am really unfit at the moment so I would prefer to finish it feeling like I am on a high than keep going and push myself too hard.

I had had some shin soreness but tried some stretches and exercises that my sis recommended and kept off the footpaths and on the nature strip and didn't have any troubles with it today. Hopefully that will be the solution to that little problem as it is frustrating to be hampered by soreness so early on in the program.

It was my first run with my new heart rate monitor which was not at all uncomfortable. It is very helpful to know how I am going. I found that in the walks between intervals my HR was dropping lower than I thought so it was good to monitor that and try to keep it at the level I wanted.

Am joining Hub up to the gym tomorrow which should be excellent as we can both keep each other a bit accountable with exercise and good eating.


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