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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting there

I am still chugging away on the C25K. I debated not commenting on this because I didn't want to jinx it, but it is not that difficult, and increasingly I am getting the feeling looking at my plan for the week that it is something I can accomplish. Just the fact that I have been able to do whatever the plan has dished up to me so far is giving me confidence that it is structured in such a way that I will be able to do what it dishes up in the future.

Definition of progress - you know that your management of lower leg pain is working because the pain is recurring in a different spot. Heh.

Anyway the fitness is going reasonably well although I was huffing a bit on last night's run esp when going up hill. My reward for completing the C25K program is the purchase of a flash mp3 player. And I have planned out my training program to run up until the Queen of the Lake in August where I plan to run my first 5K race. Mainly I think I will be allowing the joints and ligaments to get used to running three times a week while increasing my time a little bit especially on one of my runs so that I can start talking about "my long run" like the other hip running geeks.

My reward for completing the Queen of the Lake (well it is not really a reward just something I want to get and seeing as I will probably be buying it with my tax return, I won't even be waiting until the Queen of the Lake to get it) is some sort of distance meter (whether a Garmin or a Timex or a Polar one) so that I can measure how far I am running for without a hassle.


You are doing so well Deege! If I wasn't running with my friend I'd be following that program too. Glad to see you are allowing yourself to indulge in some rewards - at least I know what a garmin is now - I kept reading about it but didn't know what it is. Let us know what it's like when you get one/or the luck. Good luck and keep going!
Deege, you are doing great, and great idea about the reward - and a good rewards at that. I'd love a garmin, but as most of my runs are on the tready at the moment it doesn't seem worth it :o/

Talking about the C25k won't jinx it - it will make you more determined to do it :oD

All the running gadgets are great. I bought the RS200 polar running computer as a motivational pressie to myself in January and haven't looked back since! It may not have kept me out running, it may have been coincidence lol. But I wear it every time I go for a run and feel very distressed if I ever forget to wear it!

I'll have to hunt around for just the pod on Ebay or something at some point..... Would really love a whizzy GPS thing though - esp as you can download all the stats and put them into google earth, etc.
Hmm, I have a source where I can get the polar at cost, but the garmins look cooler. Decisions decisions.
I love my Garmin 301. His name is Gav and I take him everywhere with me.

Like a typical bloke, he can sometimes let me down with distances but overall he normally comes good!!

I'm actually looking to trade him on the new model...decisions, decisions!!

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