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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Handy Hints

If you, like me, are not accustomed to sleeping whilst rugged up and yet have recently commenced a beginner's running program, then these cold nights in Melbourne may have caused some stiffness and soreness in your legs, hampering your progress. Here's one hint for minimising the problem.

In lieu of pajama pants, take your daggiest pair of fleecy track dacks and put them on. The fleecy tracksuit material is soft against the skin and intriguing for any significant others who may be sharing the bed with you. Next, take two large boxer dogs and arrange them in a loose pile over your lower legs, paying particular attention to ensure that their soft mooshy faces are arranged to cover any identified sore spots. Doze off to sleep and awake with warm and ache free legs!!


The added advantage is that you don't need to get changed to run in the morning - just jump out of bed and run in your trackies :)

It has been damn cold at night hasn't it. I hate it.
"Run in the morning"? Hmm, the words sound like English, but I am still having trouble comprehending their meaning. Last night I was amazed that I wasn't roasting with tracksuit pants on while sharing the bed with two big dogs and Hub. It's demn cold.
Such a great idea! No pooches in our household, but the fleecy trackies... genius. Now I have yet another bit of ammunition for hubby and I to get a couple of cats... I know they're smaller but I figure they'd work out okay.
PS. Thanks for adding me to your list... I really must put one of those on my blog... :oD
Hey! Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading through your archives ;)

Thanks for putting me on your list by the way!

Hee hee, you are too funny. Oh, wait a minute I can't talk as I lie here in my bed writing this with my partners tracky daks (he's at work - sucker!), a scarf, my fleecy dressing gown and a wheat pack on my feet. I guess you don't need the wheat pack if you have your woofers!!! It's so freaking cold here tonight - hope you have a nice warm sleep.
Littlegrover - sprung majorly!

Beki - thanks for that - started reading your blog even before I started frequenting the ausrun forums

beakus - you're welcome for the blogrolling - if you want help in putting one on your blog, drop me an email.
Just found your blog too!!

And thanks for adding me to your blog list too.

I've got 2 pairs of fleece pyjamas. The best thing I ever found when I was living in the UK (apart from hubby of course!!). They are my favourite item of clothing at the moment!

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