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Saturday, May 20, 2006

new shoes

So I took the plunge this morning and bought a new pair of runners. When you are obviously not a sporty person it is sometimes pretty difficult to walk into a sports store and speak intelligently about what you are doing. You feel like you can hear their internal response when you say that you want to buy a running shoe ("Yeah right, like you run!!"). Intellectually you know that they are there to sell shoes so they are going to be encouraging and friendly to you even if they think that you are a galumphing heifer. But you still feel stupid.

The last time I bought a pair of shoes I went to a Rebel sports, which was a mistake. It was hard enough to get someone's attention to speak to me, and the advice that they gave was basically "Yeah, that shoe's okay, in fact they are all good". I felt so terrible that I just tried to get out of there as quick as possible.

As I have been doing my C25K, I have had various aches and pains including in my legs. And I realised how stupid it is that I don't even know what type of foot I have and I have no idea whether my shoes (which feel okay I guess) are actually helping or harming me. So I went to Athlete's Foot and did that test thing that they do. I tried on a bunch of shoes and walked around in them until I was happy. And now I know that I have the right shoes for me and I can keep track of the kms I put on them so that I can make sure I change them over before they wear out.

And now I have one more reason to make sure that I keep this up. I have just spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes so if I don't keep running, that will be a big waste. Onwards and upwards fellas!!

[I did the third run in week 4 of the C25K today and felt pretty good - I even did an extra 3 minutes at the end. Then when I checked my program for next week I realised that this whole week I had been doing the program wrong and leaving out an extra minute of rest in the middle of the run. Whoops. No wonder it was hard.]


Hey Deege, I LOVE YOUR BlOG!!! I can totally understand so much of what you are saying. You seem to be doing a fantastic job with the running - 16 minutes - Woo hoo!

BTW, I have bought my last two pairs of runners from Athletes Foot and they are fantastic - very helpful and patient when you try on about 15 pairs of shoes only to buy the very first one you initially tried on.

Looking forward to reading more!
Thanks little grover, I enjoy your blog as well. It is very encouraging to read other people's stories about how they are coping with the same issues that I am.

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