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Friday, May 05, 2006

run ugly

One of the shoe companies (I thought it was Nike, but I can't find it on the site) has a motto "run ugly". That is kind of the way that I have been feeling lately. BTW I still feel a bit silly talking about going for a run when I am only up to running about 90 seconds on followed by a 2 minute walk. I am actually walking more than I am running, but still.

The other night it was pissing down rain when I was due to go out for a run. In the aid of trying to avoid/minimise some impact/beginner injuries I have been having, I am running exclusively on nature strips and avoiding the concrete. So I was doing my run soaking wet and splashing through mud and puddles. I get back to the house and my shoes are covered in mud and my feet were soaked through as were all of my clothes. And I felt GREAT.

Somehow coming in on days like that I feel much better. If I feel like shit when I am schlepping around in perfect running weather I just feel unfit. But if it is crappy weather then there is a reason why I should feel shit and consequently, I feel terrific.

PS last night I did my 25 min session around an oval which meant I could keep track approximately of how fast I was going. If I was accurately keeping time, my part jog mostly walk pace would see me doing a 5K race in about 44 mins. When I am running the whole time I really would like to get my time down around 30mins. Based on my current (jog/shuffle) pace, that is not out of the question, particularly if I increase the speed a bit when I get into the routine.


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