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Monday, May 08, 2006

WWI the fifth

Starting Weight - 107.5kg
Current Weight - 104.5kg
Total weight loss - 3kg
This week's weight loss - 1kg

Yay, finally. As long as I get a loss every couple of weeks I will be happy as there are certainly other indications to suggest that I am reducing in size and increasing in fitness. Today I noticed that I can rather strangely turn my watch around on my wrist while it is still done up. Odd that wrist size should be an indicator of weight loss.

The weight/size isn't exactly falling off me but enough that I notice it. I left my "big" jeans at our other house so have been wearing the smaller jeans this week and surprisingly enough fitting into them. Shall try on the "big" jeans this week but hopefully they will be unwearable and destined to be put away so that they can be used for the weight loss cliche "after" photo (I can't believe I fit into these pants! They are three times my size!!.


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