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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Me: I ran for 28 minutes in a row for the first time and I ran more than one time around the block!
Hub: How many times did you run around the block?
Me: One and a bit - I kept going up to the corner
Hub: I thought you said that you ran more than once around the block.
Me: That is more than once around the block!

Hub has taken up a starting running program as well and tells me that his shins are really hurting. And I say "Ha ha, my shins don't hurt anymore! Sucked in!"

PS. I do also encourage him.


Fantastic results Deege - 28mins running and 4kg loss to date! You must be pleased with that :o) must be getting near the 5k?
The trick is to encourage him, but remind him of the pain as well ;-)

Rub it in when he thinks that it should be easy (pay back for all the smart arsed comments he made to you - lol)

Great work Deege! You are doing a fantastic job
LOL - your relationship with your hub sounds like mine with my boy - it's freaking me out!!!

Good luck with your secret training! What a legend you are to run for 28 minutes. Keep it up girl! You're on fire!!
Not as near the 5k as I would like. I am going about 3.8k to 4k in the 28 mins plus 5 mins walk. Which is piss poor frankly. The program assumes that when you are running 30min you will be running 5k, but I think I will have to keep pushing up before I feel confident about the queen of the lake.

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