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Friday, June 23, 2006


I feel about a hundred today. It has been a crappy week for family reasons and the upshot is that we have been staying at our weekender since Wednesday, which meant a long commute yesterday. An hour and a half each way in car and train and necessitates a very early wake up.

And I needed to go for a run last night otherwise I was well in danger of having another really slack week due to external issues. I don't normally run from this hosue at night (on weekends I run during the day). And it was dark so I was tense about the fact that I couldn't always see where I was putting my feet. Was happy to have my big dog for company and protection. It is pretty hilly where I live, so the route was a little more demanding than I normally run. It was drizzling, which normally I like, but it was making the trail pretty slippery and treacherous. I felt dreadful the whole run, but kept going. It was one of those occasions where you don't really feel like it before you go, you don't enjoy yourself while you are doing it, and afterwards the only real enjoyment is that you can put a tick next to doing it.

And today I feel like my body is making creaking noises whenever I move, and eight hours sitting in an office chair won't help much. What I really need is a good long soak in a rustic cedar hot tub. As luck would have it, we even have a rustic cedar hot tub on our back deck, and I have nothing in my schedule this evening which would prevent me from having a soak.

Of course, the bloody thing is broken and we have to rely on the yokel pool people who NEVER BLOODY SHUT UP WHEN YOU ARE TALKING TO THEM in the hope that they will come today and fix it. And I don't want to call them again to check whether they will be able to bring the part back today because I WOULD NEVER GET OFF THE PHONE, and they would still turn up whenever they darn well felt like it.


well done for getting out there and doing it. it's so easy to think .. just this once.. but you do feel better for making the effort.

The pool guys sound awful.
Oh Deege, sounds like you are having a 'mare :o( keep your chin up and well done for getting out there even though you really didn't want to - make that a biig tick :o)

Hope everything picks up soon.

I sometimes have to run in the dark to fit in my running workouts - I use a headlamp and it works a treat. I wear it on top of my cap. I bought it from Coles and it cost about $30. Its great being able to see where you are going and see who's coming my way.
The light sounds like a great idea. I normally run at night but normally with lots of street lights.

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