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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dieting down to just being fat

Weigh in tomorrow. If I have another loss then I will be the weight that I was when I last joined a gym/took up regular exercise. I am officially dieting down to the goal of being fat (rather than morbidly obese). Meh. At least I am aiming to be a fat runner rather than a fat person spending too much money on a gym membership that totally demotivated me (more on that later).

Two more weeks on the Couch to 5K program. Had the first run of the Northern Running Group with people from the ausrun forum on Saturday. I was pretty much holding them back at the same time that they were pulling me towards a pace that made me uncomfortable. From my estimations ran a minute or so per km faster than my normal pace. Note to self - must go to Princes Park and practice running faster so can blow away other NRG runners at next outing. Note to self 2 - when planning devious plan for massive secret improvement, don't post it on the blog.


yes, your secret plans have been noted :)
lol - too funny Deege :-)

And I'm sure the group are more than happy to go at your pace - I always stress about holding people back but they wouldn't have you there if they thought you were too slow!

Just enjoy it and you'll pick up in no time at all.


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