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Friday, June 02, 2006

early rewards

So I have set a reward for finishing the C25K which should take place in about 3 weeks - which is buying an mp3 player that is suitable for using while exercising. The only thing is that my friends have kindly offered to go to a discount sale tomorrow to buy me one at discounted pricing.

I just know that Hub is going to argue that it should stay in its box for another couple of weeks, but I can't see that happening. So I am reorienting my reward system and saying that my mp3 player is actually a necessary tool for running, much like good socks or my cool new asics. Therefore it is senseless to consider it a reward - just as you wouldn't delay buying prescription medicine until you had completed some arbitrary illness-related task.

So, I appear to have convinced myself that this whole MP3 player as reward scheme has been frightfully ill-considered. Thank heavens that I arrested this dangerous slide into lunacy early enough!! We can only hope that no damage has been caused by my flagrant delay!

Many might think that given this grave error I might be shy about setting future rewards, lest I make a similar miscalculation. But I am a firm believer in getting right back on the horse, so I can only move on to setting my next goal and reward. While some might sneeringly suggest that this reward business is just a shameless ploy to validate my own desire to buy cool technology when I should be paying off my credit card, I believe it plays a vital practical and psychological role in my training regime.

So my next reward will be a beautiful Garmin Forerunner 205 which will be awarded upon the completion of my first fun run. It is true that I did fully intend to buy myself one with my tax return anyway, but now it is clear that this impulse is not just a grab for cool gadgets, but an integral part of the getting buff(TM) program. Plus Hub says that I aren't allowed to get it until he gets the new gadget that he has had his eye on for 12 months or so. So two months gives him plenty of time to get his act together.


It appears to me that it is absolutely imperative that you use this MP3 player IMMEDIATELY! I believe there is a rule (not sure where I heard it) that states, anything that can be used as a motivation tool for exercise must be used as soon as you can get your hands on it. Do not delay, but be sure to give us a description of how useful this tool was to you in case others (ie, me) would like to set a reward and break it early:P

Have fun with it, you've done so well that you deserve it!
My Garmin Forerunner 301 is looking very much like it's going to be traded in for the new 205 or 305.

I played around with a 205 a couple of weeks ago and was instantly smitten!!
MP3 players and Garmins are a very important part of getting buff! I am a big believer in these gadgets as I have both!
Hmmm, and where is your latest post? It is now Wednesday and I am still waiting for an update...tsk, tsk - this simply won't do!!!

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