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Monday, June 26, 2006


Have just entered the Queen of the Lake fun run on 6 August. This is my first fun run and I have entered to do the 5K. It is a nice flat course for my first race and there is about a month between me finishing the C25K and the date of the race.

My plan in terms of preparation for the run will be to continue to consolidate my running so that I will feel a little more comfortable with the running. I am trying to have no expectations for this event and am telling myself that it doesn't matter if I am very slow, as I am going to be using this time as my improvement marker. At this stage my only goal is to run the whole thing.

This is actually my first 5K. I never ran a 5K when I was younger, sticking to the 10K distance. So theoretically I don't need to compare my results to my PBs from back then. But I do know what I would have been happy with for a 5K and my expected time for this race will be a lot slower than that. Officially I am no longer counting my PBs from my previous career, on the basis that they were acheived by a different person (who went on to eat several other people). I say "officially" because if I ever get to the stage where I can have a good go at going under 53 min for the 10K, I will feel an extra incentive knowing that was about where I was running as a 20 year old.

For now I am aiming for under 53 min for the 5K. Okay, I probably won't be that slow, but I am tipping some walkers will pass me.


Good luck :)
Good luck! Its a good idea to use this race as a base marker - then you can check on your improvement over the months. You will get faster it just takes patience.
Great going Deege! I think its great to go in this - gives you something concrete to keep working towards. Good thinking on the expectation side of things - the main thing is that you go in it and set your goals from there - it will give you a great starting base to keep improving on!
You will do a great job Deege and if I make it there I'll be cheering you over the finish line :-)

I doubt very much the walkers will be overtaking you, I should imagine you will do a hell of a lot better than you think you will! C'mon, give yourself some credit!!!
Hopefully by the time of the race I will be doing a bit better speedwise. But I consider that given the weight I have to lose, this is like me running a race whilst carrying a small child on my back so it is no wonder I am slower than I once was.

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