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Monday, July 31, 2006

Race strategies

So, my first fun run the Queen of the Lake is on Sunday. I pretty much have been looking towards this run since I began my program so it has been looming.

I thought it was an apt time to consider my strategies for the race. Back in a past life I have run fun runs before so I am familiar with the drill (provided that they haven't changed things too much).

My goals for this race are simple:

I am trying not to think too much about particular times, but I am gently hoping that I can run it faster than my normal training pace. I plan to try to run at about or not much faster than normal pace for the first 3K and kick it up a notch for each of the last 2K. I am perfectly happy having a really crappy time for this run because then in twelve months' time I can mention it in an offhand way and say "Can you believe that I ran my first 5K in that time!?"


I reckon you'll have an ace time out there Deege ;-) You certainly won't be coming last and you will most defo run it faster than your training run!

I can't wait to read the race report! I am running vicariously by reading about everyone else running atm LOL :-)
I like the postive future planning. Already thinking about next year's race. Good luck for Sunday
Great goals! But you forgot - don't fall in the lake (or am I the only one with this fear?)
ugh, the water in the lake is gross (or at least it used to be). Add to the fact that it would only come up to about your waist if you were standing in it, falling in would be a bad idea.

It might not have concerned me before, but it does NOW!!

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