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Monday, July 03, 2006

A running household

The other day, I was walking home from the station and saw this tall graceful guy running. I thought to myself that I wished I could get my legs to move as smoothly as that when I run. And add to that, he was running with dogs, which frustrates me, at least with our dogs.

Then of course I noticed that he was running with our dogs. Then I finally noticed that graceful runner guy was actually Hub. Who stopped to say hello and then offloaded one of the dogs on me to take home with me.

After seeing my success with the whole running caper, he has started his own program. Which, in typical disorganised fashion, he is just making up as he goes along (this would drive me mad). We actually have a bit of a routine going where we each go in a different direction with a dog each and it works out great - although when we get them back together they react as if they hadn't seen each other for MONTHS.

Anyway, I hope he will keep it up, even though he will never do the fun run thing or anything like that. Actually he better bloody well keep it up because I have just gone and bought him new running shoes which were MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MINE. That's it, when I get a second pair in a couple of months, I am getting Kayanos.


Oh Deege - that post cracked me up! Just make sure that the Kayano's are right for you - don;t go making an expensive mistake because they look pretty and cost a bit more than hubby's ;-)
Yeah, I am actually planning to go to Active Feet for my next pair, to make sure I get the right ones.

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