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Sunday, August 27, 2006

1 hour

Well today was another great milestone. After building up since I finished the C25K, today was the first time that I ran for an hour non-stop. I kept going for a couple of minutes so that I could finish 8km. Woohoo!!

I felt pretty comfortable during the run, though sitting at the MCG in the cold this afternoon managed to leave me a bit stiff and sore (but at least we beat carrt'n). So I think that all of my long runs from now on will be at least 8km in preparation for the Spring into Shape series, though I will keep building up the distance until I get my long run to about 90mins.

My training pace has increased enough that I am having to rethink my goal for the first SiS as I just about beat that goal today in an easy training run.

The only bad thing about this is that as I run longer distances, I am starting to get really bored with running the same courses over and over again, which I do because I have measured how long they are. So it is great luck that I have just ordered myself a Garmin 205 to measure my distance for me. So now I will be able to run whereever I want and still keep track of my distance. And I can draw those cool little maps that people put on their blogs.


Thanks for posting on my blog.

The Garmins are great except when you find out the old runs that you did pre-Garmin aren't as long as you first thought.
8km runs!! That's awesome.
I hope I can one day build up to that type of distance :).
well done! you will be surprised at how fast you improve when you keep at it (I was/am)
You're gonna love that new Garmin when it arrives. I recommend you download SportTracks to go with it - it's free and much better than the software that ships with the forerunner.

When mine came I doubled my usual weekly mileage in the first week. I know that isn't sensible but I needed to keep trying out new routes so I could come home and enjoy plotting them up.
Thanks for the suggestion of the software. I am so looking forward to this - it plays into my obsession with lists graphs and statistics keeping. ROXOR.
Yes the Garmin is a little marvel, you'll love it. Almost compulsory now for any 'serious' runner

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