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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BLISTering pace

I had a crappy day today - I was tired and travelled to our branch office which meant an earlier start. Spent a boring morning in court and my clients had to do a deal which they didn't like - never good.

I was really looking forward to my run tonight. And when I got started, I noticed I was rabbiting off at a pretty fast pace. I didn't even know I had a fast pace. Seriously, up until now, when I have tried to crank up the pace, it just seemed like I didn't have any other gears. Tonight I felt like I was pushing myself, but I knew I could drop back if I became uncomfortable.

But that was before I began to check my splits and realised just how much faster I was going. That was when I decided to run my full 4km loop and see whether I could beat my best training time. My normal loop is not hilly but it does have some decent "inclines". It is definitely not a flat course.

And when I got to the 4km mark, I had beaten my best time for that distance by over 3 minutes. And my average pace (for a training run) was faster than my Queen of the Lake pace by about 20 seconds per km.

Running rocks.


Nice one Deege! And well done on the weight loss - things seem to be going brilliantly for you.

I do love that feeling when you want a good run and actually get one. Makes everything right in my world when it happens :oD

Way to go Deege. You're going great guns!!
Excellent - sometimes improvement sneaks up on us!
Just passing by and want to say that I enjoy your blog and look forward to updates. Sounds like you are making excellent progress, losing 3 minutes over 4k is pretty good, I only ever seem to change by about 30s.

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