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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting technical

So a couple of months ago, I wouldn't have known what a technical fabric was if I fell over it, and I would have thought that cotton was the go for exercise. Oh, how naive I was.

I have been having some recurring problems with my shirts rubbing my upper arms when I run (which really hurts). I bought some bodyglide, but Hub has started using it and I haven't gotten around to buying a stick of my own.

So in a truly terrifying display of consumerism, I have gone out and bought an array of technical Ts at various sales and bargain prices. Em kindly passed on an event T which fits me so must have been quite voluminous on her. Plus I have bought a bunch in various sizes which should see me covered (so to speak) until I am too small to properly fit a Brooks shirt in a "Medium". Must say they aren't quite as warm as a cotton T, particularly with the icy wind we had last week.

My rough plan for the Spring into Shape series is to keep doing two to three midweek runs for a total of about 60-90mins and increase my long run to about 90 minutes. I calculate that I should fall over the line for the first race, and then try to do it more comfortably for the second and the third.


It's so cool that you have entered the series, I think you will be pleasently surprised at the improvement you will show over the 3 months.
Deege, I totally admite how committed and how far you have come, in what seems so little time!
Wish I had some of your discipline :).

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