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Thursday, August 31, 2006

stress buff

I have a job which is sometimes a little insane. I work at the certain end of my industry which is actually better for work-life balance. Yet even so my work life has demands that many of my friends who don't work in the industry don't understand. These last couple of weeks it has been way beyond that.

I have been working what feels like around the clock - particularly once you fit in study and other commitments (even leaving aside poor Hub and the dogs). For the first time in my life it has occurred to me that the high blood pressure issues I have had might be stress related rather than lifestyle related.

And I am starting to remember what a stress relief running can be. By the time I started this job I was already not a runner. And yet tonight when I got home before 7pm for the first time in 2 weeks I felt weary to the bones but also incredibly eager to get out for a run. The run was so so, but just the fact that I was out there made the world of difference to my outlook.

PS. Plus, my garmin arrived which is totally cool.


Welcome home another happy Garmin. I hope you and he/she have lots of good runs together.

Now the hard bit...what are you going to name it??
I don't know. I was listening on the run to see whether it would let me know what its name was, but nothing yet. Perhaps next time.
Umm, yeah Stress=High Blood pressure. I had a Hi BP problem as an otherwise healthy 21 year old (11 yrs ago) as a result of some serious job stress at the time. Job stress went away so did Hi BP.

Look after yourself DG.
ooh I love new gadgets, even other peoples, when do we get to see the maps of your run?
Please don't show me your Garmin! I just know I will be trading in the Polar and getting one!

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