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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WWI the twentieth

Starting Weight - 107.5kg
Current Weight - 104kg
Total weight loss - 3.5kg
This week's weight loss - +1.5kg

Okay, remember how I was happy last week that I had had six weeks in a row of no gains. I appear to have angered the weight loss gods as well. By tomorrow I predict I will have been cautioned at work, had a massive fight with Hub and received an urgent bill which I can't afford to pay.


Does indeed sound like a bummer week. Next week will probably be amazing though, imagine flying through your runs and losing all that weight.
I have found with a lot of my clients that one week they may have an unexplained gain on the scales but the next or one after, they have a huge loss. Don't get down about it, you are working hard and your efforts will pay off. For starters your clothes are getting looser on you and they is always a far better indicator of how you are doing. I still think that scales are evil - grrrrrr
PS I forgot to mention, that I know it is tedious but a food diary really is an invaluable tool. Sometimes you may not even realise that something you are doing is holding you back e.g. eating too little, having exactly the same thing for your meals every day....the list goes on
Yeah, actually I pretty much know that this was a blip - a couple of times on the scales earlier in the week and later were better numbers and for me the scale reading fluctuates a kg sometimes from day to day.

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