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Sunday, September 24, 2006

blown away

The plan said 80mins this morning but I had to cut it a bit short because needed to take darling daughter to the vet. Weighed up leaving it till the afternoon but decided procrastination (even for a couple of hours) was not a great idea.

Difficult conditions due to the insane wind - made for very tough going a lot of the time. When it wasn't blowing a gale, the sun came out and had quite a bit of heat in it. But the run was prtty good exploring a different direction along the merri creek trail and ended up just over 6km. When it gets a bit warmer (and lighter) will be good to go there more often for some of my midweek runs.

I got back and it was a mad rush to get showered and off to the vet (DD had to have a lump biopsied) and found good cause to be pleased that I had not put off until this afternoon - the heavens opened and it began bucketing down.


What species does the darling daughter belong to? Is it safe to assume that the monster and dd are one and the same?
I hope DD is alright! It's so hard to now how they are when they can't talk to us.

Well done for getting out for that run, what a great feeling you get when you get out for a run then discover that if you left it any later you may not have made it at all.
The monster and DD are both boxer dogs (you can see a picture here. The monster is still pretty young so hopefully his more rambunctious tendencies will become a bit more muted with age.
It certainly was damn windy on Sunday, well done for getting out there regardless.

I call my pets my kids as well :-)
Well, they are the only kids we plan to have, so they deserve to be spoiled.

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