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Monday, September 25, 2006

brownlow night

So while watching the votes come in, I have been sucked in to doing the following - naming 100 things about me.

1. I am an identical twin.
2. I have only broken a bone once in my life - and it was my left leg two weeks after my twin had plaster removed after breaking her left leg.
3. I played cricket at high school. My jobs were opening batsman, second bowler and getting my team mates run out.
4. I have completed about a quarter of a bachelor of theology.
5. When I was at uni I worked as a residential care worker for disabled adults.
6. This was much more attractive than working in customer service.
7. I currently work as a lawyer in insolvency litigation.
8. When I was growing up there were between 6 and 8 kids in our family at any one time.
9. I really like kids but don't want any of my own.
10. Hub came to the same conclusion independently but we initially were too scared to tell each other as we had already decided to have kids.
11. I have two boxer dogs whom I totally love.
12. In my life I have learnt German, Russion and Polish.
13. I lived in Poland for a year when I was 17.
14. I lived in Germany for six months when I was 20.
15. I am not a tidy person though I am very organised.
16. I clean the house when I am grumpy because I figure that seeing as I am already feeling crap, it won't depress me.
17. I can knit and sew but rarely bother to do either.
18. I love playing trivia games but most people I know won't play with me.
19. Hub has banned me from playing chess because I get too competitive (and he kept beating me).
20. As a result I have "just said no" to playing chess for over ten years (even thoug I like it).
21. I took up running as a 17 year old on the spur of the moment and ran a 10K race in about 53 mins
22. I still have my finishing photo from that race (I found it the other day).
23. I used to play squash a lot and trained with state squads and development squads, but was never quite good enough to make it.
24. I was married at 23.
25. My wedding day was 364 days after my twin sister's - it makes it easy to remember her anniversary.
26. I can never remember how many years I have been married.
27. I just checked the date on the memorial plate from our wedding - eight years so far.
28. Hub was married previously but I was too young to attend his first wedding.
29. I made it to the second one.
30. We played "wake me up before you go go" as our wedding recessional.
31. I am a rabid collingwood supporter but have no idea where I got this from.
32. People sometimes I assume that I started barracking for collingwood when I met Hub. This is totally untrue.
33. I have been on the waiting list for MCC membership for about 9 years.
34. In 2002 I purchased a scalped ticket for the AFL grand final and sat in the uppermost corner of the olympic stand in the driving rain. It would have been worth it if we had won.
35. In 2003 I got a ticket for the AFL grand final through my club membership. I swapped seats with a guy who couldn't bear to watch the game.
36. I brew my own beer.
37. I brew my own wine.
38. My favourite home brewed wine (so far) is mead (honey wine). Yum.
39. I have another blog which gets thousands of hits per day.
40. Hub and I plan to buy a small acreage and try to be semi self sufficient.
41. We currently own a house on the peninsula that we try to get to most weeks.
42. Our house has a cedar hot tub on the back verandah.
43. We have a housemate ("the Lodger") whose body clock is currenlty almost exactly the reverse of ours (he goes to bed at about 7am).
44. I go to church in a pub every Tuesday night.
45. Hub and the dogs are down at our beach house for a week.
46. Sometimes I notice that the dogs are missing more than Hub.
47. When I was in primary school I used to compete in swimming.
48. I have a veggie garden and love home grown veggies.
49. Red meat sometimes gives me a stomach ache, so I don't eat it much.
50. I discovered Buffy late, but watched the entire seven seasons in the space of a couple of months.
51. I have never read a Lord of the Rings book.
52. I have never watched a Lord of the Rings movie.
53. I once had to read the Hobbit for a book club but tricked Hub into believing that I had not read it because I didn't like it.
54. I hate science fiction.
55. Except for the science fiction that isn't too science fictiony (eg Orson Scott Card).
56. I don't get soccer or rugby
57. For a couple of years I played a lot of golf. I would like to take it up again when I lose some more weight.
58. I love cooking casseroles and collect old fashioned recipe books.
59. I hardly ever eat sweet things.
60. I am currently studying for a doctorate in law.
61. I am way behind in my study.
62. From time to time I sing at church, but I don't consider myself a good singer.
63. I think I am very good at my job but I let myself down sometimes.
64. I am much more like my Dad than my mum in personality.
65. My taste in music tends towards the "sensitive white guy" music.
66. This is not crappy pop music, but folk influenced guitar based songwriting.
67. A lot of the stuff in my life is secondary to my priority to make a difference for others.
68. A lot of the time other stuff gets in the way of my priority to make a difference for others.
69. I actually answer to "deege" as it is my family's nickname for me.
70. My first two initials are DJ, hence "deege".
71. Other members of my family have family nicknames "Twistie" and "Pineapple".
72. Last weekend I spent a lot of money on leather couches.
73. I don't think that I have ever run more than 10K in my life.
74. I plan to do this in the next two or three weeks.
75. I am currently writing a book with Hub which I don't know whether it will ever be finished.
76. I used to write children's stories about a monster called "Urk".
77. I am incredibly klutzy. I have a rather noticeable scar on my arm from falling against a broken door knob which I totally knew was there.
78. When I was about 5 or 6 I took up running - generally up and down our (long) driveway.
79. I grew up on a hobby farm from the age of 2 until I was 17.
80. When I went overseas for a year, my parents jokingly threatened to sell the house while I was overseas.
81. 8 months later they sold the house.
82. My older brother is the black sheep in the family (for good reason). He is still not welcome at family events but we are one of the few people in the family who have decent relationship with him.
83. I know too many people who have had crappy things happen in their life.
84. I used to keep towels in my car purely for the occasional spur of the moment skinny dip.
85. I never knew what weight I was until I determined to lose weight.
86. I was just as self conscious about my body when I was extremely fit and healthy as I am now.
87. I smoked for over ten years and tried to quit for at least five of those.
88. The thing that made me quit was Hub saying he was worried he wouldn't be able to grow old with me.
89. We have a four wheel drive even though we don't go four wheel driving. I swore I would never do that.
90. I never speed and hate being in a car with people that speed (even a little bit).
91. I have loved reading ever since I was about 3.
92. I have a terrible habit of staying up too late at night even though I love sleep.
93. I appeared on the Couchman show twice.
94. I once kissed 6 guys in one night (I was young and it was like a competition with a girlfriend).
95. My "type" is incredibly consistent - and Hub fits within the parameters.
96. I am not within Hub's type.
97. I once kissed another guy when I was married.
98. I am related (distantly) to Andrew Bolt.
99. I bite my nails.
100. Once I get fit and back to where I want to be, my life will be pretty much perfect.


That is awesome. I'm still working up the courage to do one of those.
That's such a cool list!

So is it pronounced "Deejay"?

I don't think I was too young to attend my other half's first wedding, but I certainly wouldn't have been "legal" lol ;-)
No it is pronounced like it is spelled - "deej". But DJ (deejay) became d'dge which became deege.

And as for Hub's first wedding, I was at the ceremony but my older sister was the one who got the invite to the reception.
Love your list Deege!

I will get around to doing one this week some time!

And I love all things tririva related too..and refuse to play Monopoly because I am way too competitive, which causes huge arguments whenever I play!
30 cracked me up, 39 has got me curious - I want to know what this is and 48 is a dream I want to do!

Loved the list - oh, and I bite my fingernails too
Yeah 39 has got me too - where is it????
That would be a bit too much like worlds colliding to reveal more information about 39. Although 97 has already gotten me into to trouble with a friend I know IRL.
Love your list Deege, like the idea of #40, sounds like a very good plan to me :o)

And #92, I do that too, even though I tell myself hundreds of times to go to bed! Plus I know I'll feel like a zombie the next day :o/

86 - me too

and probably 1000s of other women too - us chicks will never be happy
Just found your list! (I'm a bit slow I know!) Lots of stuff I found interesting! Must be something about leather couches at the mo, ah?!?!

#30 - brilliant
#31 - my condolences
#48 - me too
#84 - great idea
and #98 - hmmmmmm. Should we be worried?

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