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Sunday, September 03, 2006


So spent a long run with the garmin today and he whispered his name to me - nudge. Not really that sexy or anything, but what can you do? That's what he said his name was.

It was so cool today with the garmin - I could just run wherever I wanted and feel confident that I knew where I was going and figure out how long it was taking. I have also discovered that the distance shown on nudge is always slightly less than the distance shown on motionbased when I upload the results. The FAQ on motionbased suggests that this is because they do a more accurate analysis of the GPS data. Enough reason for me to take the longer distance as gospel.

So I was conscious today of drawing a good picture with nudge. I didn't want an out and back course because that wouldn't be a nice picture. Pathetic. But hey, it was a motivating factor when I felt crappy, and I ended up doing a 75min run without too much trouble (although admittedly empahsis on the "slow" of the LSD. You can see the route here

BTW How cool is that map function? It rocks, truly. Two weeks to SiS1


Nothing pathetic about that at all. Hope you and Nudge draw many more beautiful routes together.
That is really cool! 75 minutes running, excellent!
Deege do you run around the streets?
When I do my ordinary mid week runs I normally run in the streets because it is in the evening and I like to stick to places with good street lights.

For my long runs I like to find somewhere a bit more interesting to run - but up until now I have wanted to run where I can easily measure the distance

Now that I have nudge, I can go wherever I want so am using the long runs as a bit of a chance to explore.

This long run was mainly on bike paths.
I will have to start a little street running again, even if it is just to save a little time.
I can see the start of a beautiful relationship between you and nudge, lol.
Cool!!! And congrats on such a long run.

Love the map, and right there in the middle Gilbert Road, that is where my mum grew up.

I so have to get me a garmain!
Hey Deege - just need to tell you that you still continue to inspire me. I think I will be saving up for a garmin for myself - Love the name Nudge!!!
You should consider the SportTracks (free) program. The best feature is the ability to edit your track, something you can't do at Motionbased. Heaps of other features as well.

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.
Thanks Steve, I have taken the plunge and downloaded sporttracks and getting the hang of it slowly. I had to transfer all of my information across from coolrunning which took me a while as I couldn't figure out how to export it properly but pretty happy.

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