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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Regarding records

So at the suggestion of some people I downloaded Sporttracks to use for my record keeping and for nudge. Had a panic moment when nudge froze during data transfer and had to reset him - thought I had lost those wonderful couple of runs I had already put in the system. Phew.

I quite like Sporttracks though the documentation isn't great so it is taking a little bit of time to learn my way around it. As a start I transferred all of my records over from my running log at coolrunning so that I have all of my information in one place. It was fun reading through all of my progress so far and some of the comments on the runs. One thing I noticed is that I evidently recorded the distance it felt like rather than the distance it probably was. As a result my run walk result over 4km is recorded as being faster than when I just run. My biggest distance month was the month I started recording distance. I don't think that it is too accurate though.

Anyway, I like to preserve the innacuracies. Nudge has brought a new level of precision to my recording and I would really like to just continue to improve my monthly kilometrage and time on my feet, particularly now that I know that my sums are pretty much correct.

Nudge has disabused me of the notion of my "ordinary training pace" as well, unfortunately. Turns out I have lots of training paces, a lot of them slower than the one that I previously had notched as my slowest. Huh. Who knew that I could be even slower than I previously thought? I have to keep reminding myself that even if a particular route is 3.9km instead of 4km, it doesn't change the fact that I have improved my speed over that distance a fair bit.

So reading over the records was just what I needed. So what if nudge is a big fat spoilsport regarding some of my distances. The fact is, just a couple of months ago it took me a week or so to fully recover from a run of 6km. With any luck my long run this week will crack the 10km mark, to be followed by a light week (which now amazingly enough means two or three gentle 25min jogs) in preparation for SiS1 a week later.

Bring it awn!


Don't you feel tempted to run around in circles to make that 3.9km into a 4??
Well I don't even want to use that 4km route any more because it doesn't make a very pretty nudge picture!!
That's it deege, just keep feeding me the bait!! I would love to document all that info as I am one for keeping records, making graphs, following regimes (well sort off). How cool does that Sportstrack look!

If you need any help let me know. I load my info into Motionbased, Sporttracks and Garmin Training Centre.

Loving seeing the differences in all the software!!

And what I love the most about Sportracks is that you can adjust the GPS so that if it drops out, you just put the GPS point back in again!!
A lot of people have said that, but I have yet to have any troubles with nudge dropping out. He occasionally loses signal if I am going under a bridge or something but he hasn't been too bad with tree cover or anything like that.

It makes me really glad that I got the 205 instead of the 01 model because all word is that the big difference between the two is the receiver.
SportTracks might take some time getting use to. For some reason the developer did away with the normal menuing system which can be confusing to start with (just my opinion).

I love your use of the word, "kilometrage" don't you find that a mouthful.
Deege, you have a Garmin! I would love to have one, your glowing reports do nothing to disuade me of their greatness! I don't think I've seen any negative Garmin comments... :o)

I love your idea of ditching the comments on weigh day, and had to laugh about the WW meeting likeness :oD

Good luck for cracking the 10k!

It certainly is a lot of fun to take nudge. I ordinarily look forward to going for a run, but I don't often have a sense of breathless anticipation for planning the route that I am going to run.

Am planning to try a new route tonight to see what kind of a pretty picture nudge makes.
I swear to God I am thinking about selling my Polar time and distance so that I can get a Garmin!
Have to love Sportracks. Plenty of help available if you get stuff. Just ask.

I think all of us over-estimated how far we were running before we got our Garmin's.... so don't worry, you'll improve in no time now.
Hmmm, it's my burpday soon.....maybe I can convince the burpday fairy to bring me a Garmin.....

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