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Friday, September 29, 2006

short solution

So after some experimentation I think I have identified a solution for short pants that satisfies my dual goals of not making me so self-conscious that I want to kill myself and also being non-chafing and comfortable. However it does involve me wearing fake Kmart skins under mens running shorts so I do feel like a bit of a dick. But it is comfortable and cool which is going to be increasingly important as summer comes.

Tonight I headed out for a run and was looking forward to it all afternoon. Which is pretty unremarkable except for the fact that I am pretty sure I said only a month ago that I never feel like going for a run on a Friday night at the end of a long week. And it was very cool, I had a great run and felt fantastic.


Excellent solution re: skins under shorts :-).
It was a beautiful day for running yesterday, I was itching to go out again but I ran on the Wednesday so that was out. I think we can look forward to some really nice Spring runnng weather :-).
I used to wear bike tights under running shorts but found with fat thighs I was rubbing holes through them all the time. Got on to the body lubricants Bodyglide and Sports Shield. They work a treat.
Body glide is good stuff.

Don't be too self conscious about the tights/shorts combo, just look at all those hunky footballers who do it as well.
I use bodyglide and find it great. The bike pants under shorts is more on account of the fact that otherwise the shorts ride up a lot.

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