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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spring into Shape 1

Well today was the Spring into Shape 1 and the splits tell it all really. Went out pretty briskly (for me) in the first K, then at about 1.5K I had a pretty painful cramp in my right shin. Stopped and stretched and tried to run gently through it, but wasn't happening today.

Walked for a couple of km which was still pretty painful and was resigned to walking the whole of the second lap as the cramp still wasn't loosening and felt really sore (ouch, ouch, ouch). But as I started to feel a bit looser, tested it out for a little bit until the next drink station and then realised that I only had about 3k to go. Beautiful day and gorgeous course so managed to talk myself into just going for an easy 3km in the nice weather.

Though when you are having a bad day, you feel like everything is falling apart. Was getting a dehydration headache and everything seemed like it was sore. By the time I got the legs turning over again, I felt pretty self conscious because I was going alongside a bunch of walkers and there I was puffing away attempting a quasi run.

Official time is 1:10:01.46, running 130th in age category, 641st overall (split time 35:22.45). There is lots of improvement still to come. Bring on SiS2!!

EDIT - I don't know what was going on today, but I wasn't right. I came home and lunch caused painful stomach cramps, then had a nanny nap for three hours and felt much better though had some issues with pins and needles in hands and feet. At the moment I think that I was poorly hydrated which was exacerbated by it being a bit warmer than I am used to running in. Hopefully can manage this better next race day. Thankfully I don't seem to have any long term effects or injuries.


I'm sure it was just the heat of the day and poor luck.

I find that if stuff starts going wrong on race day everything else spirals down fairly fast.

Look forward to the second event to make amends.
Isn't it awful to have one of your off days coinciding with race day. Still, it makes the pace chart more interesting and you certainly seemed to pick up for the last half of the run.
Good luck with SIS2!
First of all I hope you are feeling OK and not coming down with something nasty.

Now shrug off this run, take what you need out of it and throw away the negative. Next run is going to be much better. It's only going to get warmer so concentrate more on pre-hydrating the day before the next race.

I love how you looked at the last 3km, by telling yourself it's a beautiful day, it's just like doing an easy 3km run your taking the pressure off know you can run 3km easy so you were able to get some of the confidence back that you lost at the start of the run.

Good on ya for getting out there, you made more of an effort than I did. Hope to see you at the next one.
A bad event can really knock the stuffing out of you, but as the others have said, the next one will be better. I hope you are fully recovered now. Good on you for keeping at it - I'm sure the walkers were impressed, not critical!

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