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Saturday, October 07, 2006

back, baby!!

Boy, by the time I was well enough to go for a run, I was really hanging out for it. I was determined to be good and allow myself sufficient time to recover properly before getting back out there, but it wasn't easy...

So, given that I hadn't been for a run in a week, that in the meantime, I had been the sickest I have been in probably three years with a chest infection and spent most of the week unable to do much more than collapse on the couch and go to sleep, I figured the best way to ease back into it was running up and down hills in 28 degree temperature. I did take it very slow and ran around and about so that if I felt I needed to cut it short I could, but very happy with how I felt.

This week has brought home to me how much the Project is improving my general health. I was sick as a dog all week but as soon as I began to shake the infection, I felt like a million bucks. I was amazed. On the tail end of a bad infection, I felt better than I used to feel when I was "healthy".

Oh, and today was the first time I took nudge on a burl around the weekender. The cool thing about the picture that draws is that you can see the beach on the little map thing. How cool is that? Will have to take nudge for an explore around the foreshore a bit in the coming months so that we can take in some more sea views on these pictures.

Good luck to all the marathoners and half marathoners for tomorrow!! One of my goals is to join you next year at least for the half (scary - a goal that assumes I will still be running a year from now).


Welcome back running albeit after a week. I also find that after being held up for a week or two I feel as fit as a fiddle. Weird.
Glad you've come good again, those chest infections really take it out of you.

Look forward to seeing you finish that half next year, I know you can do it.
of course you will be running next year!,if you want to of course?

Nice picture too!
Really happy to hear you are well again, deege.

That snippet of the ocean does look really coo.

I just spoke to RJ yesterday about doing the half next year. We should have plenty of time to prepare for it :-).
The beach looks very close. You may have to get down there for a run if you can.

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