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Sunday, October 01, 2006

completely new information

So in the spirit of the hundred facts meme, here comes a new thing, 20 things that sh*t me:

  1. People who put lettuce in pre-made foccacias. What's that about? Who toasts lettuce?

  2. Write your own will kits. Seriously, spend the hundred bucks people and do it right

  3. Yappy dogs that people don't train. I don't get that option with my big dogs

  4. People who are sanctimonious about the fact that they choose to breed

  5. Illogical television ads

  6. Sound bite journalism

  7. Cats and dogs as fashion accessories and/or which don't naturally have fur

  8. The Prequel trilogy of Star Wars. And Haydn Christiansen

  9. The fact that Hub hates small change and leaves it in piles around the house

  10. Beyond cold callers - the cold callers that ring and when you pick up the phone say "please hold" till someone gets on the line to intrude on your life

  11. The fact that every time my vet rings, he gives me bad news

  12. That boxers are cancer prone

  13. Supermarket attendants who chat with the attendant in the next aisle apparently oblivious to the fact that they are in the middle of a transaction with you

  14. rove

  15. jason akermanis

  16. office politics

  17. supposedly cool bands like jet and wolfmother that are just really derivative and, let's face it, crap

  18. doilies

  19. People who leave stuff on the bench when the bin or the dishwasher is right there.

  20. The fact that I cry at commercials

  21. The federal coalition government - specifically Costello, Nelson, Abbott, Vanstone, Rudd and Howard

Feel free to share.

UPDATE - actually that is 21.


Oooh, 20 things that shit me....this is a good one as I am major PMT right now

I'm trying to work out if you are having a really bad day or just felt like sharing this with us??? Eiher way, the vet thing is not good :-(
1, 10, 13 and 14 annoy me too - but I'm afraid I'm guilty of 19!
I am so with you on 10 and 13. So rude!!
Brillant list. I'm with you on nearly all of them, but......
Why do girls cry at commercials? I don't get that and I can't agree with you on 17.
Ooh love the new list...I might just have to do one myself.
I love wolfmother, hate Jet though, seriously dudes those "tossled" haircuts look like they cost $300 to get right!

I am off to do mine, problem is I am such a moody cow it'll be hard to keep it to 20 :-)
I have spent the day at home today with a chest cold and will be going back to work tomorrow even though I am still too sick to be out of bed. So yeah, I guess that I was in a bit of a mood.
deege, my first time visit and I find you don't like Wolfmother, oh no.... oh well, luckily we are all entitled to an opinion :-)

I hope the cold goes away and you can continue your journey and get ready for SiS.


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