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Monday, October 23, 2006


Okay, so I have a new obsession in looking at all of my workout stats on sports tracks. I check out the monthly and weekly stats, comparing average pace, distance, number of workouts and so on. Yesterday I was doing a long run which was meant to only be 60mins but I kept going for another 4min to make the km tick over, at least partly because I know it was going to be a close thing to see whether I would beat my PB of weekly kms (I beat it).

And with nudge, it automatically tracks all this other cool information which I can also compare, like elevation, calories burned, fastest pace, slowest pace and so on. RAWKS.

So I am thinking of doing this run in a couple of weeks. It is only 6.7km but it is straight up hill. It is pretty brutal and I am not really in shape for it, but the course goes almost straight past the weekender and so it is a race that I could easily make a yearly event. I figure I can just set the expectations low and run as much or as little as I want. And to boot, it supports a good cause.


I hope you do the Arthurs Seat run- I have a wedding and birthday party to go to that day, but I am still trying to work out how to squeeze it in!
Well I am trying to convince Hub to do it with me on the promise that we will walk it, but he is less than enthused - mostly because he thinks that I will run off on him I think.
I have entered in the Arthurs Seat run and look forward to meeting you there. I hope you can make it and swap Garmin notes.
That is brilliant. Great cause and a run uphill does amazing things for the self esteem. There are some monster hills in our area and everytime I manage to make it up one of them I feel superhuman!
You'll have to upload some Garmin graphs. I love graphs, don't know why, just do.
Yes, having a little running buddy certainly does bring out the OCD!

I can't count the number of times I have finished up at the office and then done a lap of the block because I won't stop at the .76 Km mark!

You are not alone
Hey Deege, I hope you do go this coming Sunday. I am going to go and watch and I would loooooooove to meet you finally.

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