getting buff

Monday, October 09, 2006


So, I remember a month or so ago I discovered that I was capable of more than one pace. And it was a revolution. Tonight for the first time I actually deliberately ran to a particular pace. Which made a 4km run a bit easier - because I was breaking it down into components - 1km warm up, 2km at race pace, 1km cool down.

The only thing was I kind of miscalculated the race pace bit. So my plan to run it at 7:30 per km kind of fell away when I realised that I was running it at 7min km, the fastest I have run since the beginning of the project (well except for 3 min on the treadmill). I was almost finished congratulating myself when I started to feel like I was gonna puke.

So I suspect that coach might tell me off for going too fast. But if I pull up a decent race pace, then I might get off the hook. So yet another reason to do well on Sunday.


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