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Thursday, November 16, 2006


What a day we had yesterday - a top of 13 or 14 degrees yesterday with snow reported in some parts of the state. The wind was icy and it felt like the middle of winter when I was waiting for our spur of the moment dinner guest in town from Queensland (who was feeling the cold even more than I was).

I was quite proud of myself for getting out for my planned run despite the cold and the guest (he was more wanting to catch up with Hub anyway).

By the time I got home and was ready to go, it was pretty darn chilly and squally and the wind was brutal. So I pulled on my long tights, longsleeved shirt and hat. I even wore gloves!! Someone, I think it was Vicky had a great idea for gloves for running - you can buy white cotton gloves from the cleaning aisle in the supermarket for a couple of bucks for two pair. They are easily and cheaply replaced if you lose them and if you can't keep hold of them, you can easily bin them during the run.

I managed alright on my 4km loop which took just over half an hour. At one point it even started hailing which made me feel like a complete hero for the fact that I was continuing on. I might have mentioned how hard-core I was for running in the hail once or fifteen times once I got home.

UPDATE - the gloves idea was from Mrs Pommierunner on the ausrun forum. Must give credit where credit is due!!


How weird is this weather??? Send some of that cool breeze this way and I'll swap you for some blazing sun!!!

Running in the hail - you legend you.
Good work running in the hail, I was around the Tan this morning and it rained on me several times- but no hail. That would really test my dedication.
well done for running outdoors yesterday - I wussed out and went to the gym and worked out on the treadmill!
Thanks for the lovley comment too - now only my thesis left to do in 07
Good on you, willing to head out in the grimest weather, you a real runner for sure my dear :-)
Running in the hail?? Now that is tough!
I can't take the credit for the idea with the gloves Deege, but it sounds like a good one! I do wear black wooly gloves on wintery mornings.

Running in hail - now thats dedicated - and something I have not yet experienced!!

The gloves idea is brilliant! I have a problem running in cold weather with circulation but used to grin and bear it as i had no idea what to do with the gloves after.

Oh wow, running in the rain is refreshing and amazing but running in hail is something I have never sounds almost exciting!
Then I wimped out last night from running when it was over 30 degrees. Much prefer the cold weather, but I am going to have to get used to it sooner or later I guess.

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