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Thursday, November 02, 2006

the erosion theory

So I didn't really do a lot of running in the last week - in fact I went a full 7 consecutive days without a run. I was beginning to feel like I had mislaid my mojo. I of course ignored the fact that in the course of those seven days we spent two days shovelling and raking crushed rock after a spur of the moment decision to revitalise our driveway. And I ignored the fact that I was on a holiday in which I desperately needed to relax and refuel after another hectic half year at work.

But regardless of this, I was in danger of entering into a spiral of procrastination about running. So last night, despite the fact that I was tempted to just sit on the couch, I headed out for a short easy run. After I had shaken out some of the cobwebs, I began to really enjoy myself. I began to appreciate the time I was spending. I certainly appreciated the guy who said to me in a heartfelt way "Good on you" as I struggled past him.

And I began to ignore the fact that whenever I ran past a shop window, there appeared to be a slow fat chick between me and the reflection (bitch!). I began to let go of my frustration with the fact that my whole joooorney is destined to take a long time. I began to think about how erosion happens over the course of years, just one drop of water at a time. And I went to my running log and pulled up one of my cool graphs and counted that I have gone running at least once every calendar week for the last 24 consecutive weeks. And in the last 24 weeks, I have had 66 drops of water hit my big stony arse.

It might take a lot more. But I have time.


Loved this post Deege - you are so right about the erosion thing. Keep on chipping away, you'll get there eventually (we all will), it's the journey that's the fun bit and keep looking back at your training logs, it helps to remind you what a long way you've come

Personally I try not to look at my reflection in the shop windows - it's never a pretty sight

The word verification today almost says "vulva", it actually says "vvuvla". I wonder how many random swear words it spits out?
I liked your erosion therory. Who is in a hurry anyway??

Thanks heaps for your donation to Movember. It means alot when it comes from someone I have never met (not yet atleast).
No probs sparkdriver - anyone who would grow one of those things on purpose deserves a donation.
Your dedication is inspirational Deege. I also love your erosion theory.
Wow, I really love this post. I guess you can reach a point that you can look at things negatively and see that it is all too much or you can be positive and just keep on going! Glad to see you have chosen the latter - and glad to see you have kept that diary so that you can see every drop of water falling!
Good work with the consistent running- 24 weeks that is great. Keep eroding.
You can do it Deege!

As an example i have lost 24kg by loving my running and not worrying about the scales (eating "sensibly" without keeping track of the exact things either)

You can do it!
So good on you!

what a brilliant post! congratulations on your great loss too.

The last two runs I have had were with a day break in between and it seemed to be a very good thing for me, I don't want to take that long between all my runs but sometimes it's obviously a good thing

DON'T LOOK IN THE WINDOWS, I see a fat slow chick staring back too..I am learning to ignore her - it's easier to feel great when she is not in view

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