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Monday, November 27, 2006

Spring into Shape 3

Okay, it is probably no surprise that I was feeling a little ambivalent about the final Spring into Shape. My preparation had been poor with no long runs, which effectively meant that I hadn't run more than 5km since the last Spring. I was chatting with one of the ausrunners before the start and I suggested that all races should be considered a duatholon - the first event is the excuse making and then the actual run itself. If you do poorly in the race, you can make up for it if you have really good excuses.

My other excuse makes me feel like a big clutzy mcclutzberg. I am, amongst other things, completely uncoordinated at times, particularly where such uncoordination would lead to self-injury. So on Friday night I was ovenbaking some chips. Opening the oven door and leaving the tray pulled out while wearing shorts somehow led to a superficial but quite sizeable burn on my leg. Apart from feeling a like a loser, it still smarts quite a bit, and as with any healing injury makes my skin feel stiff and tight - which I figured was not the most conducive to fast running.

The race itself was up and down. At the start I had no idea how I was going to go - was feeling like it would be difficult to run well, but was determined to enjoy myself on such a gorgeous morning on such a beautiful course. The first km was pretty much on pace, but in the second and third ks I really struggled with some stiffness in the legs, particularly the injured one. Stopped to stretch a few times and threw in a few walking breaks to try and get myself moving.

Once it became clear that I wasn't going to break any land speed records I just tried to concentrate on running as much as I could, trying not to injure myself and otherwise just enjoying the morning. I went through the 4km mark in about 34min and Em and Tiger Boy gave me a much needed boost by cheering for me as I started the second lap.

The second lap was more fun - I was breaking the run down into smaller sections and cheering myself up by planning what I would have to do to beat my time from SiS1. Still had a few walking breaks and a couple of stops to stretch but didn't allow myself to take too long.

When I came to the top of Princes Bridge I was touched to see Tiger Boy obviously waiting for me to come round the corner. He ran the last 500m or so with me and kept talking me into passing one more person and keeping on going for just that little bit longer. It was just a lovely sign of what nice people runners are - this is a guy who lapped me and runs at least twice as fast as me and took time out of chatting with the other ausrunners and relaxing after the race to come and encourage me over the last little bit. Totally made my day.

I ended up crossing the line in 66:09, but my overwhelming thought from the day was what a nice day it was, how great it was to be out running and catching up with lovely people who encourage and support each other, whatever their goals might be.

I am not yet up to really racing 8km, but entering these races gives me something to aim and train for. Without this even yesterday, I doubt I would have done an 8km run this weekend. So all in all a great day.


A great race! and so good to hear you had the support team out in force for you. Congrats!
I had the pleasure of Tiger Boy pushing me on in the last couple of kilometers of the Belraine Rail Trail 34km long run.

Someone should give that guy a medal. Very insperational.
I, too, have only nice things to say about Tiger Boy! Genuinely nice bloke.

Deege, you made 8km - and as you keep reminding me - that in itself is a wonderful effort!!! At the end of the day, you ran 8km!!

(Glad to see I could keep up with you for the first 4, though!!!)
By the way, hope the leg gets better soon. Keep it covered until the skin starts growing back. Then it'll itch like crazy and you will know it's getting better!
It is really gross looking at the moment as it keeps healing so I think the office wear for the next couple of weeks will be pants rather than skirts.
Great stuff Deege, you got out there and did it. I had the pleasure of meeting TB when I was in Melb, so I know what you mean.
Hope the burn heals quickly - not good you crazy girl!

Great report. Well done on finishing 8km, keep up the training and you'll be smashing that time next year.
Good work deege, it must have been great to have the support crew with you- fantastic effort.

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