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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Coburg Lake Classic

Headed down to the track today for the Coburg Lake Classic organised by the Coburg Harriers. It was an out and back course along the merri creek trail with a trot around the track to finish it off. The sun was pretty warm at times so it was a good workout.

The boys doing the 10k were thumping their chests and showing off at the start, but a quick head count of the women assured me I was in for a top ten finish no matter how I did. My goal was to try to keep to 7:30 pace or better, which I managed pretty well. Also managed a negative split which was a pleasant surprise.

Finished in 37:52 which is about 40 sec outside the PB but very happy with that as the PB was at Albert Park on a very flat course and today's run was.. not flat. Had a pleasant chat to the other women. One said that she had taken up running this year when she turned 50 and tries to run a race every weekend (!!). The winner only just broke 30mins so not too much improvement needed to be right in amongst it.


Congratulations Deege! I am very impressed - and a negative split too! Wow!! I've yet to run a negative split over any distance!

It must be a great feeling knowing you can pop out for a run and come home in a time that is super competitive!
What a great way to start the day- great work Deege. I wish I had the drive to run a race every weekend- then I might not get so nervous every time! ( I am struggling to post- hope this works)
Congratulations on your 4.98k effort and well done too on your blog. I'm a newbie to it but have had a look over it. I like the way you write and was intrigued to find your earlier post on running cycles having some similarities to my recent post.

Thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.
The 4.98K on the garmin was because I forgot to turn off the auto-stop on nudge and he paused when I stopped to adjust my shorts.
top stuff....considering the PB was on a flat as a tack course you should be stoked with the effort. I used to live around merri creek and know for a fact that it is quite a tricky course. excellent work muchacho.

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