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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Quick notes

So this week I scored an invite to a special "friends" sale at the Nike store in the city with 40% off. It is actually the first time I have been in there as I find it all a bit too trendy and intimidating. I bought myself an arm pouch (so I can be like Em) and a hydration pack with an 800ml bottle that sits in the small of your back. Not as schmicky as the fuel belt ones, but at $14 with the discount, I am not complaining.

So today I took the hydration belt out for a spin. For one reason or another I haven't managed to get out for a long run for AGES, so I was really looking forward to it today. It was a bit hot, so I took it really slow along the meandering hills of the Merri Creek Trail. Managed 9.6km in 80 minutes which is my longest run yet since I have started. I was glad that I had the water bottle as I had drunk it all by about the 8K mark, so I don't know what I would have done without water.

Father Christmas came early to our house when we picked up an exercise bike this afternoon. Hub wanted to get one so he could do exercise while watching DVDs and we thought that I could also use it for cross-training. So it is pretty cool and hopefully will get a good workout on my non-running days.

Finally I think I have found my favourite running shirt. They had a bunch of pretty cheap technical shorts and shirts in Big W when I went the other day and one of the shirts I picked up from the mens' department is very comfy and quite cool, plus it has "SPORTS XLNCE" written on the front. How can I resist?


I'll confess to being a bit of a Nike tart, I am a big fan of their running gear. I love that store, sometimes I just wonder around even though I am not there to buy anything, I love the Smith St outlet store as well.

Congrats on such a long run too, today was far more agreeable than last Sunday that's for sure!
Deege - I'm super impressed with the run!! Holy cow an hour 20! Glad to hear that you carried water, I get flabbergasted when I hear about you southerners not carrying water!
Our "Nike" stores here are called "Platinum". Its my fave store at our local mall, as I LOVE both their street wear and running gear. Self confessed label-basher me!

Good running too, I would definately want to be carrying water if I was running in those temps.

Thanks for your comment on my blog Deeg.

Congratulations on the long run - well done.
Great run deege :-)

I would love to run along Merri Creek Trail but have absolutely know idea where or how far it goes. I once started to run on it near Coburg Harriers but must confess, felt a bit nervous about getting mugged so turned around quick smart, lol!!
I too like wandering around the Nike stare in Melbourne. That and Rebel in Bourke st are a few of my favourite browsing locations.

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