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Monday, December 04, 2006

Run for the Kids

So over the weekend I entered this race in the 15.2km. Which means I have to learn how to run 15.2km before the 1st of April next year.

This is of course pretty weird because it assumes that I will still be keeping up this running thing until at least April next year. Given my track record for maintining my enthusiasm for hobbies, this would be quite a feat. However stumping up some money for the entry form is likely to advance the prospects that I will keep it up because I am such a tightarse that I would hate to think that I was wasting my money.

15.2km does seem like a lot though - add another 6 and a bit ks and it would be a half marathon. Anyway, should be a great experience and lots of fun no matter how much of it I manage to actually run.


Oh boy, I hear you sister :-)!! I am also entering the 15.2km and feeling a little stressed about the distance, doh!!
Looks like we're going to have to get some long runs before April :)
This time last year I was considering entering the first Run for the Kids. I was experciencing a lot of the same thoughts you have now but on the day ran the 14.7km distance and had a great time.

Build up your training and long runs before April 1st and I will see you there on the day.
Oh deege! You've got such enthusiasm for your running at the moment - a run with an extra couple of k's is going to build the motivation not wipe it out!! Besides, any time you think about trying a new "hobby" just let us all know and I'm sure we will convince you that running is a better choice than scrapbooking!! Hmmm maybe you could scrapbook your running!

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