getting buff

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well I haven't managed to get out there this week as much as I would like. A scratchy cough the other day has ballooned into a head cold with the help of a couple of very smoky days. So no running for me, particularly when there is still smoke around.

Otherwise feeling pretty good. Had my first session on the exercise bike the other day which was fun. Hub is right into it using the bike most days while he watches a DVD or some telly. Now just to make it through the Christmas period.

Happy Christmas to all - be safe this festive season and take some time amidst the demands of life to reflect on the peace, love and community that we share.


Take it easy Deege - you can't be sick for Christmas!! It's not right!

I think I have the same philosophy as you - I just want to maintain the momentum throughout the Christmas period. I don't want to set any records with my running - except to keep getting out there!
It has been smokey here. More smoke than was at Heyfield too.

Thanks for your Christmas wishes.
Same to you Deege, hope you are feeling better and having a good one.


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