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Thursday, June 08, 2006

cracking the sads

Got the new essential running gear and went for my first run with it. I loaded it up with a bunch of more upbeat songs (which rather depressingly turned out to be mainly tragic eighties songs). I did miscalculate a little though, because I neglected to take into account the fact that I do not actually run at a very upbeat rate. So I sub-consciously upped my tempo to match the songs and felt dreadful for the first half of my run the other night.

I am getting a little dependent on keeping the routine in place with exercise. Sunday is normally a gym day for me but for one reason or other I was on the go all day and didn't get there before they closed. On Monday I was scheduled for a run, but I had worn new heels to work which had given me blisters. As soon as I put on my shoes, I knew that I was not going to be able to run. Went for a walk with Hub and the monsters instead but still felt annoyed. I was out of sorts all night snapping at Hub and The Boarder (such a nice expression I feel and whenever I say Housemate, people seem to wonder whether Hub and I are in a bizarre threeway with this idiosyncratic young man).

My mood wasn't just about lack of exercise (have some family stuff going on) but that was what was pissing me off. I was looking at the rest of my week and realising that I was going to find it hard to get in my workouts on the normal days anyway. Hub went into Mr Fixit which normally bugs me, but this time he said that if I was so annoyed about it, there was no reason why I couldn't get a run in on the day which is normally my only fixed rest day. On that day we go to church in the evening which for us takes place in a pub over dinner. He pointed out that we sometimes have half an hour to kill before we go to the pub and after I get home, and that if I made an effort to be early out of work, I could certainly fit in a session. And I did (I felt like shit for most of it but that is another story).

One of my difficulties at the moment is that I am scared that if I get out of the groove and habit of exercising, I will begin to feel like I am failing and feel pressure on myself to make up the difference by increasing my expectations. But at the same time, one of the things that has made it easy to keep up the habit so far is that I have respected my own limitations and not set myself up to do things that would be too hard (like getting up early in the morning). Anyway, it is still going to be an "off" week, but I feel better about it now. By the end of the week I still will have had three sessions of cardio and one of weights which is a helluva a lot better than I was doing ten weeks ago.


Hi Buffgirl,
Congrats on your weight loss last week.
I hear what you are saying about when your routine is mucked up, it can be very frustrating. For what it is worth 3 cardio's and 1 resistance session is nothing to be sniffed at. Hopefully next week you can return to your normal routine:).
Hey Deege - I myself happen to be a huge fan particularly of tragic eighties song!!!

I completely understand how you feel about getting out of the groove - it can feel like it will be all too easy to fall into past behaviours but I think you've reached a turning point where you wnat to stick to this, so you may have a couple of bad weeks but you will get back on track.

And hey, think of what a bad week was before you started this. If it was anything like mine I'm sure it was a hell of a lot worse than now!

Good luck getting back into the swing of things

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