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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rewards drawer

After being off track for a week or so with exercise, tonight is the first chance I have had to go for a run since Saturday. I was away for the weekend but still had the chance to put on the shoes and go for a run (gee I am a slow runner), but have not been able to since.

When I started this project I went through and chucked out a bunch of clothes that were past their prime but saved a few items that I wanted to fit back into. These have been sitting in the rewards drawer and comprised:

Okay, looking at this list makes it pretty clear that I am a bit of an op shop buff. Actually my weight has made op-shopping much less enjoyable lately as it is pretty difficult to find things that fit, in turn meaning that I am having to spend an increasing amount of money on buying real clothes. I go on an annual opshopping tour with a girlfriend in September/October when we have a weekend away. Last year she bought a bunch of cute little tops and I was unable to find one piece of clothing that I liked that fit (but I did get a very cool handbag).

Plus it is harder to express your unique style when you are trying to dress in such a way so as to call the minimum amount of attention to you as possible.

Anyway, I periodically check the rewards draw (not everything is actually in the drawer, but you get the picture) for progress. So far, two pairs of jeans have graduated to my ordinary clothing. The pair that I had only just grown out of was first, but last night they were in the wash. Instead of pulling on the fat jeans, I thought I would check to see whether the Colorado jeans fit. CHA-CHING!! So the colorados graduate from the rewards drawer and the fat jeans are demoted to the "fat clothes" drawer, destined for use as dress up in my "after" photos.

UPDATE - updated to cross out those items which are no longer in the drawer (because I now fit into them).


Op shopping is so much harder when you aren't tiny. It's weird - if more than half the population are over size 14, why don't they throw out clothes?

Maybe it's they are more expensive or maybe people in smaller sizes buy more clothes (and therefore throw more out)... or maybe it's cos all those tiny girls have got fat and can't fit into their skinny clothes any more... I think about this too much!!!

Then again, I have all my "fat" clothes in the back of my broken down car waiting to get it fixed so I can take them to the op shop.
Maybe they are like me and buy a helluva lot less clothes when they are fat. I actively avoid buying clothes when overweight. If I have a whole wardrobe then it is like admitting that I am actually this weight. Plus nothing looks good on me anyway.

But when I am skinny, I am happy to buy a whole heap of clothes because they are just clothes. It is only when I am fat that they become a barometer of my value to society.
Awesome! It's always really exciting when you can get back into something that has been a little on the *ahem* snug side for a while - lol, especially exciting when you weren't really expecting them to fit!

You are doing a fantastic job Deege - keep it up!

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