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Monday, July 17, 2006

boobs flopping

Saw on my statcounter today that someone made their way here from a technorati search for "boobs+flopping". I love the mind which says "I'm a gonna read me whatever blogs use both of these words in one post (Oh, and it turns out not to be a very exclusive group).

In a related thought, yesterday I was going through the underwear drawer culling those items which had completely lost their structural integrity.

[Seriously, day to day knickers cost at most a couple of bucks each. And I have like a thousand pairs. So why do I insist on retaining those ones which are well past their prime? Sentimentality? Affection? Sloth?]

I found a crop top which I used to wear back in the day when I was a runner. How on earth did I ever fit into it? It is a size 10 but smaller than I actually was at the time, as I had a preference for boob squashage (there goes another technorati search). When I put it alongside the sports bra I am currently wearing, it looked like a handkerchief with a couple of elastic straps.

Sigh. I have popped it in the rewards drawer where it shall reign supreme as almost certainly the last item to be liberated.


OMG! So I am not the only one who hold's on to old undies!! I made myself about a month ago throw out all underwear past their use by date and bought myself some new knickers. You know, the new underwear just does not measure up, lol.
You gotta love those technorati searches - I love checking my site stats and seeing what wierd and wonderful routes people have taken to find my blog - strangely entertaining!

And yes, I am a knicker hoarder too.....

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