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Thursday, July 27, 2006

gym schmim

So I have some lingering annoyance from the gym assessment the other night. This is why. The person who was doing my assessment was lovely. I explained that since my last program, I had taken up running and told her how much and how often. She made all the appropriate impressed noises. And she designed a program exactly as I wanted - a variety of specific weights for upper and lower body, particularly core strengthening and very little cardio (because I am using the running for that).

So I was really happy until I finished being shown around the new routine and the gym owner (who I normally like) has a look at the program and arcs up that there is not enough cardio in it. Now recently he has mentioned on a couple of occasions that he hasn't seen me for a while (which is often true - if things get busy, the gym gets visited less frequently). So I just know that he thinks I am slacking off, even though I have told him that I am doing all my cardio on the outside.

He wanted me to justify why I didn't want to do gym cardio and he was pretty much pissing me off. I appreciate that some people might not push themselves as hard as they should, but I am not friggin one of them!! (at least not this time) If he had done my assessment he would have known all the answers to these questions, but he didn't and still wanted to make all these assumptions about me, or suggest that if I am self-motivating then I am not doing the right thing. The stupid thing is that he was holding the results of my assessment which were evidence that I was actually doing really well with the whole self-motivating thing. In the end I said something like "We did talk about all this stuff in the assessment, you know."

Anyway, I thought it was stupid of him. I like him and the other owner, but the reaction to hearing that I was exercising more outside of the gym than inside should have been "That's great!! Tell us how we can help you achieve your goals." Instead I was annoyed and less convinced that I will renew after my twelve month membership runs out.

PS. Actually the really funny bit was when my blood pressure was above the level that they like it to be (I am going through a process with my Doc to address this) and he wanted a note from my Dr. I said that he didn't need a note from the Dr, that I was voluntarily assuming the risk and I was happy to sign any sort of waiver or release that he wanted, and that I would even draft it for him (I am a lawyer). Of course, he said that wouldn't be necessary.


Frankly, F%$K Him

If everyone took to the streets and trails then the gyms would all go out of business wouldn't they!

I kissed bye bye to my gym in Feb this year, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get through the winter without a treadmill, and here it is, almost the end of July and I survivied!!

We all know you are doing the hard work :-)
How totally annoying! What's it to him anyway? I mean, it's nice that he wants to see people get results but at the end of the day, you are the only one doing it and you know exactly what you want to do.

I hate people who think because they are fitness experts, they know more about YOU than you do yourself.
Oh Deege, the bit about the waiver and you being a lawyer made me kill myself laughing.

Some people are morons and think they know better than everyone else, alternately, he is freaking out because he thinks he won't get more money out of you at the end of your membership - mmmm, interesting way to maintain client satisfaction.

You're doing great Deege, don't let him get you down - just keep doing what you are doing.
Yeah, the stupid thing is I am really enjoying the gym - I feel like a hero with the weights and stuff.

I think I might talk to him when I next see him and tell him that he pissed me off. Or, if I want to really get the message through, I will talk to the other gym owner, who happens to be his wife. I am sure I will let you all know how it goes.
What a load of crap - I am always trying to encourage people to get out of the gym and do their cardio outside. And what business is it of his to say there is not enough cardio on your program??? If you had wanted to have it there you would have asked for it!!!

I vote for taking your business elsewhere after telling them what you thought of the way they treated you! Grrrrrrr

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