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Monday, July 03, 2006

NRG run Edwardes Park Lake

Yesterday met up with Lee and Kathryn for our NRG run at Edwardes Park Lake. It was great fun, and a pretty decent work out for me. They both have a bit more speed than I do, so it was hard work. I did the first lap (1.6K) okay, then stopped for a stretch and a drink before starting up again. The second lap I was feeling the effects of going out too quick (for me) and fell off the pace quite a bit.

Would have liked to have done another lap for distance, but that would have made it 4.8K which is the furthest I have run, and doing it at a higher pace than my normal run seemed to me to be a recipe for disaster. So I waved the girls off as they went around again and I hobbled home to stretch and recover a bit.

It wasn't an ideal preparation for me yesterday as had been up since sparrow's fart driving back from the weekender for Hub to get to work in the morning. That breakfast of sausage and egg mcmuffin was making itself felt later in the run. But the really fun bit about it was that I was searching for my running pants and couldn't find them, so pulled out a pair of three quarter length pants from the rewards drawer and they fit nicely, thank you very much. Although they did demonstrate that buying things without trying them on can have other drawbacks than just that they don't fit well. They have a weird cut, so the legs stick out a bit like clown pants at the bottom. Looks a bit odd, but they are only for exercising in, and the important thing is that THEY FIT.


I can say I noticed your clown legs :)
They would be hard to miss. They are like three-quarter length flares. Very odd indeed. Might have to dig out something a bit more respectable if I end up going to Coburg Masters this week.

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