getting buff

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Me: My garmin ran out of batteries a couple of minutes into my run tonight. Did you leave it switched on when you borrowed it?
Hub: No.
Me: Did you switch it off? You know, press the little power button thingy?
Hub: Maybe not.
Me: Hmmm.
Hub: Hey, the watch strap on this heart rate monitor is getting all worn out - see how it is splitting?
Me: That is not "ordinary wear and tear".
Hub: Did the monster get it?
Me: Yessss. So next time you are switching off my garmin after using it, please make sure you put it up on the shelf.

Last night's run was awful. I set out at a decent speed but then nudge died so I have no idea what speed I was going after the first k or so. But everything hurt. My legs were aching all over - not pains or cramps just dull aching. I really wanted to stop, but seeing as it didn't feel like an injury or anything I kept going till I had finished the loop.

I am scheduled for a slightly longer run tonight so let's hope that those aches and pains have been knocked out of the system. I would be tempted to skip it, but skipping leads to routine changes, routine changes lead to calendar clashes, calendar clashes lead to violation of THE PLAN. Which is bad.


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