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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

update on DD

For those that asked, our darling daughter puppy dog's biopsy came back showing a malignant tumour so she is in surgery today having it removed. Owning boxers we should be used to this, but it always comes as a blow. Will know more about the prognosis when the removed tissue is tested.

She will be home tonight and fine from the operation (although probably a bit more sensitive from interference by the monster). But we won't know whether the op has been a success until next week.

UPDATE - the pathology tests come back the most favourable of three grades of tumour. We have to keep an eye on her and there is a chance of recurrence or spread but hopefully all will be well. She has a big ugly incision at the moment but it is a good thing she is still so gorgeous.


I've been blog hoping to find bloggs on every day people who is trying to change their habits.
Send my postive vibes to your pooch.
Not sure were I'm linking from my weight lost blog
Hey Deege, kisses to DD from me. Poor little girl. I absolutely love Boxers, hubby has had his fair share of them growing up and tells me they have a few medical problems.
Yep, my aunty has always owned Boxers.

My cousin lost one last year to the big C.

Hope your little girl fight through it, they are gorgeous creatures.

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