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Thursday, November 09, 2006

At least I am not sick

So I went out for an easy run around my normal 4km loop last night and thought that I wouldn't pay attention to times or pace and just get my body back used to running regularly after two low mileage weeks. And I had one of those great runs. For the first time in ages in my warm up I felt comfortable and relaxed so i decided on the spur of the moment to extend my loop to make it closer to 5km.

By the end of the run, the legs were mentioning to me that they had been getting used to my more relaxed schedule, but it was just stiffness and they feel fine today after a good stretch. By the time I got home I was so happy and already looking forward to getting out again tonight.

So when Hub got home from a meeting and collapsed on the couch and asked how my run was, I couldn't resist:

"It was fantastic, I felt so good to be out there doing exercise, what a buzz!!"

An instant later my brain caught up with my mouth and I remembered that Hub has been moping around for weeks because he has had (another) chest infection cutting into his exercise and running program (again).

"Actually, come to think of it, it wasn't that good. A real grind. You would have hated it."

Oh well. Hopefully the latest course of antibiotics knocks it on the head. Unfortunately THE COACH has had to throw in the towel due to other commitments, so I am back to writing my own program. So I pulled out the spreadsheet today and planned out my running until the end of the year which was great fun.

It seems a little unreal to think that SiS3 is on in two weeks. Hopefully getting back into a bit of a regular routine will have me well prepared for breaking 60min for the last race in the series.


Don't you just love those runs :-)

Shame about your coach having to throw in the towel, but you know that you can get plenty of help and ideas from the forum bods
Got to love that feeling :o)

had to laugh at your consideration for your hubby - it's always the other way round with mine. He has to say what a drag it is to run without walk breaks whilst I am building up the running sections of my program :o)

One thing for sure, I don't begrudge anyone that post run bliss out :oD

Hal Higdon has free running programs for all sorts of distances. They can be found at

You just have to convert the miles to km. Worth checking it out.
I will have a look spark driver. At the moment I am trying to go by time rather than distance and avoid speed work so that cuts out most of the packaged programs.

There is a program in one of my books that I am going to work my way up to.
Bit of a bummer about brangie - I know how you feel. I was making great progress on his programme. I might follow spark driver's advice myself and look up that site. I'm not confident enough to write my own programme, I'm likely to do too little not too much! Keep up the good work deege - you are my one of my biggest inspirations! You're still a bit ahead of me though....
Hey, good to see you back into it. Pity you lost the coaching, hope he had a good excuse :-)

I am sure you are at the stage where you have a good feel for what you are doing. I would give the formal speed work a miss at the moment, but a Fartlek session once a week shouldn't be a problem. Just pick up the pace when you feel like it, then drop back again.

Hopefully see you at SiS 3
I love the exercise high! Good luck for SiS3- you should be on track to break the 60 mins for sure- or at least give it a big nudge.
Thanks for the comment. The Mo is indeed starting to look very disturbing. Check it out!
Bummer about the coach Deege but sure you will do fine anyway. All the best for your build up to SiS3.


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