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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Gosh, I am feeling great at the moment. In a comment on Beki's blog I said that I think all of us runners/fitness people go in cycles and you will see a depressed post about injury/poor performance/lack of mojo and then sooner or later the same person will feel better about everything. And we just keep repeating the cycle without ever really accepting that we are inevitably going to have ups and downs in our training or whatever. Mind you, bitching about it on the blog certainly does provide some welcome release sometimes.

So I am still pretty happy after the run on Sunday which was great fun. I am feeling in control of myself with the seasonal cheer program which seems to have relieved me of stressing about things that I can't change. Plus I was working through some of my thoughts about this whole *project* to answer some questions for kathryn. It really reinforced for me how happy I am with the whole "motivated by fitness" approach.

So yeah, just wanted to mention that I am no longer a grumpy-bum (at least until the next time).


I have noticed this whole ups and downs thing. Bloody annoying I reckon and I don't like it a bit.
It's a bumpy old ride, that's for sure. I'm pleased to see that you are on an upper at the moment though :-)

Each time it happens I try to tell myself it is the natural life cycle of a runner. Do you think I can listen to my own advice? Nooooooo, I have to wallow in my own crapulence and advertise it on my blog LOOOOOOOOOL

Fortunately I'm on somewhat of an "Up" this week.....
There is a lot to be said for wallowing in crapulence. Because when you do, all these lovely people that you know to greater or lesser degrees post little encouraging comments in your comments box and make you feel like either a hero or a big sook.

Either way I think it helps me to snap out of it.
Was great to meet you the other day. It was such a stunning morning and it did my heart proud to see so many people out there enjoying themselves.
has anyone seen my number 4??

Let's not see too much chirpiness out there.
Chirpiness is what lead to velour tracksuits you know.

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