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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

running arithmetic

I might be outing myself as being really odd, but sometimes during my run I do arithmetic to keep my mind occupied. This works really well as I am not actually that good at mental arithmetic so it takes me lots of attempts to work things out. Throw in that I am normally trying to calculate time which makes it even harder.

An example - if I am trying to maintain a certain pace for a run (for some reason during the run, nudge is all over the place in showing my current pace) then I will see how far I have gone and calculate when I should complete the next km for example. Anyway, it amuses me.

Last night doing a grotty recovery run of about 3.5km I was trying to figure out how much time I need to build up my long runs to be comfortably completing 16km by the R4TK. At my current long run pace, I will need to build up to running at least two hours!!!

Which is actually not that bad because I was kind of wanting to build my long runs up to that anyway. I am really looking forward to my long run on the weekend. I was building them up really well back in October but then I got out of the habit, and it is all too easy to find something to clash on the weekend. So I am switching my long run day to Saturday which has the added bonus of giving me back my Sunday mornings to finally do some study.

I have been noticing lately what the key is to having Hub be totally supportive of my running even when it cuts into time with him - World of Warcraft. Hub has been into this for a several months now and is perfectly capable of losing great slabs of time lost in his computer. There are downsides to this of course, but one of the upsides is that he doesn't mind me popping out for a run and doesn't seem to notice when I am gone for an hour or so.


I'm impressed - I can't hold numbers in my head at all when I'm running so if I need to time myself, I've got to wait until the watch ticks over to a totally round number.

Like say if if I'm 9 mins into my run and I want to run a certain distance in 5 mins, I'd have to wait for it to click over to 10 cos half way through I forget what 9+4 is equal to!
I jealous of the time your hubby manages to find to play WoW. If only I didn't have to sleep and work I could easily immerse myself if that lifestyle and never see the light of day! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I run instead!
Yeah, I am a WoW widow as well. I don't mind so much because he does not realise how much time I spend running and at races :-)
World of Warcraft hey?? I may have to check it out. But then again where the hell would I find the time??

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