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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

counting stuff

I am definitely a tracker. I like measuring stats and keeping track of progress over time. Which means I am totally feeling inconvenienced that I can't get my garmin yet. Flippin' delayed gratification.

But I am loving the running log at cool running. I just plug in the info and it gives me an immensely satisfying readout which calculates the distance I have gone this week, month and year together with the average pace. And while my mileage is nothing compared to a lot of runners, when you stick it all in one place, it begins to look very impressive. I may just be inspired to graph things.

I still can't stop laughing at the clown pants. Seriously hard to go for a run when your pants are flopping around your calves. But hey, I paid a whole $20 for these from Target, so they are going to be worn.


I'm a real tracking geek too but have only just started recording running ks etc cos i figure with all the calorie counting etc, I have enough spreadsheets to look after :)
I didn't know there was a running log on CR... must check that out... even if I'm not running very much at the mo'

You are still going great guns Deege, glad things are moving in the right direction :o)

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