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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

enjoying shopping

Today I simply had to go and try and buy an alternative to the clown pants for running. It is one thing schlumping around the block near home, but I am thinking of going to the coburg masters on Thursday and while I have accepted that I may be humiliated by my running, I refuse to be humiliated by my attire (although when I went there last time there were a couple of guys running in footy jumpers so I have a sneaking suspicion it may not in fact be a non-stop fashion show.

Anyway, shopping is normally pretty frustrating for a generously proportioned individual such as myself. And apparently fat chicks don't exercise, because there is bugger all in the way of exercise gear in larger sizes (in fact the whole area of exercise gear seems to have been replaced with "leisure wear").

But today was one of the more fun expeditions that I have been on in a while. Because I was confident that even if the things I was buying didn't quite fit, then they could have a few weeks in the rewards drawer and I would probably be able to fit into them*.

Mostly it was good not to be totally depressed thinking that whatever happened I was going to be buying ill-fitting stuff and wasting my money. I might be buying ill-fitting stuff, but for the first time in a while I was confident that I would get my money's worth eventually!

*Of course, they might come out again looking like clown pants, but those are the risks you take.


I reckon there's a lot of money to be made for someone who gets in and designs decent larger sized exercise gear, esp stuff that gives support to the problem areas.
Definitely keep me posted re: Coburg Harriers. You have planted that seed in my head and I am thinking in Spring/Summer I may just look at training sessions again. Who knows this may flow on to participating in Master events!
I hope you make it to the Masters, you should enjoy it. I have run at Croydon Masters a few times and have had a great time and found everyone very welcoming. Despite the odd person questioning my right to be there (Yesss, I promise I am 32).

I wish I could sew, there certainly seems to be a serious lack of decent running gear for chicks of all sizes. Though particularly anything over size 14, when I first started getting fit over 2 years ago now I was size 14 verging on 16 I could find nothing that fit well, grrrrr.

Keep up the good work and stay positive for the Queen of the Lake.
Thanks - it seems like a lot of people have experienced the difficulty of getting good quality exercise gear - maybe we should start a small business and make a gazillion dollars.

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