getting buff

Thursday, July 06, 2006

shopping update

As an update on my expedition yesterday, one of the pairs of pants I bought turned out to be clown pants as well!! No wonder they were marked down to $8 or something.

But I did score one pair of decent running pants which have a drawstring, so I am bloody well going to wear them until I am a size 10. Incidentally, when I started this caper I had the same problems with gym clothes and I ended up making a bunch of tracky pant shorts for myself. Nothing flash but worked out at about $4 per pair so I was happy. Unfortunately a bit chilly for running at the moment, and I really prefer to run in a lighter fabric.

So I have decent gear for the masters, but it won't be tonight. Through a combination of circumstances am without a car tonight which means no masters and no gym. So decided to have a rest night and give the legs a break.


I get running tights from KMart for $15 (less when they have one of their storewide sales). I'd love to get some fancy running gear but figure why bother until I reach my goal size.

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