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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The clothing gap

I am incredibly reluctant to spend too much on clothes at the moment (unless they are technical Ts), but sometimes it is impossible to avoid. I have plenty of options in the rewards drawer, even after this weekend a garment which is one size fits all, but which apparently exludes me from the definition of "all".

At the moment I am in a "clothing gap". The gear which says one size is mostly too big and the gear which says the next size down doesn't quite fit. Bugger!! This is all okay for casual clothes where I can work around some of these problems. But work clothes are more difficult. At the best of times I only keep about three suits to wear for work. At the moment I am down to two pairs of grey slacks and one suit jacket. Which means that it looks like I am wearing the same thing every day.

So I reluctantly took the payrise out for a shop today to get a couple of mix n' match items which will hopefully last me through till the three pairs of dress pants in the rewards drawer start to cooperate.

I have two problems with shopping. The first is at the point when I take the clothes off the rack and can't bear to choose a size which I feel bad about. So, although not totally surrendering reality, I choose what I like to call an "optimistic size". The second problem happens when I am in the change rooms averting my eyes from the magnifying mirror from hell and find that the optimistic size doesn't fit over my butt/boobs/head/bingo wings so I crack the sads and decide (again) that I hate shopping. If I win the changeroom game, I lose the sizing game and vice versa.

So it was really nice to grab an "optimistic size" and find in the changerooms that it actually fit (except for the fact that the pants need to be taken up, but I really don't expect that getting buff is going to do much to lengthen my legs).


I think the "mix n match" is definitely the best way to go, frustrating as it is you can't go around looking like you are wearing a sack cloth with the arse of your pants hanging down the back of your knees ;-)

Keep up the great work Deege - you are doing a fantastic job.

I hope you can make it to Sydney for a race - perhaps C2S next year, I would have loved to meet you before I go :-(
Keep it up Deegee, the clothing gap is frustrating but it least it is a happy problem.
Thanks guys. Beki, would have been good to meet you as well, but doesn't seem set to be. Would love to do C2S one year so maybe I will come and stalk you.
deege, you are definitely heading in the right direction but it can be frustrating being in between sizes!
I also hate those magnifying mirrors from hell!! When are they going to cotton on if they make them skinny mirrors, we might buy more ;)!

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